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Welcome to BPF Safety & Consulting

Ontario's Premier Chainsaw Safety Training Service

Hands-on Training from Experienced and Certified Professionals

"Everything made so much sense about why we were being taught the methods and techniques and how we use them. Best training course I've been in!"

- Scott Norris, Morrison's Landscaping

"Love, love, loved it! What a great introduction to chainsaws. So approachable. I thought Todd and Mike were great at presenting the material in a clear manner while still making it fun. I was really hesitant about using chainsaws but seeing how passionate and excited Todd and Mike were about it eased my worry. I had a fantastic time. Thank you!"

- Katie Couvrette, Niagara College

Why Choose BPF?

We teach our clients current techniques and practices, including proper safety procedures and cutting methods, and how to implement them in the safest and most efficient manner possible. The result, more confident operators.

Our courses are delivered in an interactive and hands-on learning environemnt including both indoor and outdoor settings, allowing each client the opportunity to apply their new knowledge from the classroom to the field.

We proudly serve clientele throughout the province of Ontario including forestry, arboriculture, landscaping, construction, environmental restoration, recreation, utilities, farming and more. We have the resources to train clientele both locally and beyond. We will bring our training program to your location!

Our Program will expose your business to a new realm of safe chainsaw competency and professionalism.

We work with many Landscaping businesses throughout the province. Here a group learns proper notching techniques in the Muskoka region

We're passionate about helping prepare youth for the workforce and trades industry. This senior high school group in Northern Ontario were all smiles after a day of chainsaw safety training


BPF assistant Mike Yost directing some land stewardship students on cutting a proper face notch in the Kawartha Lakes region


We have a great relationship with many of the colleges and universities throughout Ontario. Here a student from Niagara College's Ecosystem Restoration program gets a feel for the saw

"Change is the end result of all true learning" 

- Leo Buscaglia

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